Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Sushi <3

I have an obsession with making sushi, I swear! But this time it’s (more) legit, since I bought Spicy Masago :] Masago is so much fun to eat! The texture is so interesting, and I think biting into it is really satisfying LOL… or maybe I’m just weird?

Anyways, some pretty pictures of the process!: IMG_9698

I boiled some shrimp.. originally I was going to make nigiri sushi out of them, but then I realized they weren’t big enough to butterfly cut :[ So I ended up making modified california rolls. Still rather successful, IMO! ^__^



This is my prettiful platter of sushi ingredients, and my prettiful cucumber trees. This is the first time i’ve ever tried making decorations, and sadly, the first was the best, and then I kept breaking them. If you slice each section too thick, then it won’t bend. If you slice it too thinly, then the shape doesn’t hold well. I don’t know HOW the middle one worked [so perfectly! v ^__^ but I’m glad it did. IMG_9717

This is a modified california roll! It has shrimp and masago, as opposed to i think imitation crab. It tasted pretty good! i think next time I’ll salt the water that I boil shrimp in, so it has a bit of flavor. Or put more spicy masago LOL



This was the spicy nigiri topped vegetable rolls! Definiately the hit of the night. I think these came out (aesthetically wise) much better than I anticipated. I had originally wanted to make a nori casing that was only half full of rice, and fill the rest with masago, but this definitely works too. IMG_9722




This is like.. my signature non-sushi sushi. Pork sung with vegetables! It’s really nice because if it’s eaten right after its made, the pork sung is really crunchy, and provides a very nice texture that you don’t normally get in sushi (from the meat, at least).


I really love this picture. I don’t know why. But here you are! My (not really) epic dinner LOL

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tracy said...

this looks AWESOME!!

esp. the cucumbers!