Monday, September 7, 2009

New York and DC

I should update more!Here are a few pictures from new york! I'm working on post processing, so these are kinda rough.. I wonder if they're okay?This is the World Trade Center... or at least, where it used to be. Once again, messing around with post processing.This is the washington monument. I swear, DC is ridiculously gorgeous. Particularly around Capitol Hill.. right before a thunderstorm. The sunsets are stunning.

I love hte grittiness and starkness of hte building. is it a bit much though? ><

And a wee lil crawly that made its way up my leg, while i was sitting on a bench in front of lincoln memorial. Cute, neh? XP My first ever decent bug macro. only 1/10 ended up passable :[

Yup. have i improved? XP

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