Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stovetop Smores

It is the beginning of finals week, and my roommates and I are mired in hours worth of reviewing notes, memorizing facts, and deriving equations. So naturally, we decide that we would rather make smores. Devoid of a campfire, we turn to the only other source of flame in a typical college apartment: the stove! There really is no difference between making smores over a campfire and over a stove, other than that stoves are wayyy hotter. All this means, though, is that you must be EXTRA careful not to let the marshmallows catch on fire (as we, obviously, did).

one Smore down! Mmmmm gooey and slightly burnt

a pile of delicious Smores! This is SO much better than Differential Equations...

Two of my roommates decided to be adventurous and try cinnamon on theirs, hence the brown clumps of powder. According to them, it was delicious.

TJ digging in! This is officially the best picture of enjoyment ever.

Productive? Not really...

Worth it?
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