Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Before there were Mushrooms

As the sugar crazy girls you have probably realized we are, it is obvious that one of the tenets of our day-to-day life is "Dessert First." And why not? We've been cooking up such magnificent cakes and snacks and other various nomnoms (and by 'we' in this case I mean Yessenia and Ana) that it'd almost be a shame not to have dessert first.

Delicious looking? I think so :]
Flan and chocolate cake isn't something you would normally associate with each other, particularly in a bundt pan. At least, before this cake appeared in the fridge, I had never heard of such a thing. But my, it was so scrumptious that I wonder how I ever lived without choco-flan cake.
Time to tuck in!

When you're a busy college student, typical morning fare consists mostly of cereal, a granola bar, or oatmeal (which is the fanciest it ever gets... at least, for me). But these staples get a bit boring when sometimes, cereal has to make do for lunch or dinner too. Imagine my surprise, then, when I wake up one morning to the smell of actual food! Of course it was TJ, the experimental one, whipping up some egg and cheese filled tomatoes. Though she ended up taking the eggs out of the tomato and scrambling them before putting them back in the tomato, these still ended up looking pretty legit. Props, TJ!
mmm yummies.

Usually I love english muffins with peanut butter and jelly, but one morning I found an egg in the fridge. An egg that belongs to me is a rather find because, though we usually have four cartons of eggs in the fridge, none of them ever belong to me. Thus, I thought I should celebrate this discovery by making something special with one of my favorite ingredients: cheese! This variation of the popular breakfast sandwich is vegetarian friendly, and healthy too, because it uses a whole wheat english muffin with low fat pepper jack cheese!

Even though I turned vegetarian a few weeks ago, I broke it for winter break. I'd like to use the excuse that my parents do not approve of me being vegetarian (which is true, by the way- they threw a fit when I went vegan two years ago), but in a way I missed eating meat. I think I am thoroughly sick of meat now though, and am eagerly anticipating returning to vegetarianism. TJ and I have lots of fun recipes that we are planning to try. We will be documenting our adventures here, so stay tuned! ;)

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T.J. said...

now i know why all i can say these days is nom nom nom!