Thursday, January 28, 2010

Magic Bullets

The first time TJ told me that she had gotten a Magic Bullet for Christmas, and that she brought it for the entire apartment to enjoy, the first thing that came to mind definitely was NOT a blender. I was immediately like, “wait, why would we want to share THAT?” Of course, not everyone understands my sense of comprehension… or humor, for that matter, so TJ didn’t immediately catch on.

Ten embarrassing minutes later, I finally realized that TJ was referring to a blender, and we’ve been happily experimenting with it since.




Banana Blackberry smoothie

6 cubes ice

handful blackberries

half a banana

cup of orange juice




Strawberry Banana Soy Smoothie

I’m not quite sure what went into this one, but it was pretty darn delicious!


 IMG_0546 IMG_0551

IMG_0555It makes omelets too! I think next time, I’ll blend the ingredients separately from the eggs, because I had to pulse the blender for a while to get all the egg mixed in- which means the filling ended up being a great deal more mushy than I would have liked. It was still delicious though (especially because we topped it with Goat cheese ;) ).

IMG_0559 IMG_0561

Then, because I remembered that I still had a couple avocadoes left in the fridge, we decided to test the Magic Bullet’s guacamole making capabilities. Unfortunately I forgot to take –end- pictures, but let’s just say that TJ and I were VERY satisfied. IMG_0523 and just because I think this is interesting, I tried dragon fruit a few weeks ago!

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