Monday, July 12, 2010

Spring and Summer

Summer is finally here, and we've been MIA since the last chilly days of Winter. True to form, the girls of 307 have been busy chopping, stir-frying, and baking up a storm! Since I've been away for the summer ( away, and kitchen-less in the dorms) I haven't been around for the action [ i hear there's been vegetarian pizza? =O ], but I do have some updates of my own to share!
Breakfast Bowl
a lovely concoction of spinach over cheese over egg fried rice, loaded with spicy goodness, as usual. My provolone fit perfectly into my bowl when molded over the rice, so microwaving was, luckily, a clean ordeal. yum!
Omelet Rice
mmmm stringy cheese... my favorite <3
Tapioca Milk Tea
Since it was the last few days before summer, we were out of our usually abundant stock of boba, so we resorted to regular tapioca instead. We've started making boba milk tea with anything we have on hand, from mango black tea bags to coconut milk. To say the least, we've had some interesting combinations of flavors...

Brunch for Four
I cooked for three of my friends after finals ended, to thank them for constantly swiping me into the dorms during the quarter. On the menu : Eggs rolled in Green Onion Pancakes, Pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup, and shrimp fried rice.
and the boys cleaning up after the meal:

I also made cheesecake last week, and forgot to take pictures of it :[ Even though we forgot to add vanilla, the cheesecake came out AMAZINGLY. Topped with raspberry pie filling, they made an amazing end to the steak night we had Friday.
Then, last night, A., S., and I made crepes. As a meal they were wrapped around hash browns, ham, tomatoes, and a sprinkling of cheese. Then, for dessert, tucked around a generous slice of cheesecake. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of either meal, but I will resolve to take my SLR to A's place more often when we're cooking.

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