Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chicken Pesto!

I'm soooo glad that summer = more cooking with friends! Last night we made chicken pesto (with pesto from mix). I really wanted to try making pesto from scratch sometime in the future, but after seeing how to make pesto, I'm not quite so sure anymore..

also~ i just got my new 50mm prime lens! So these.. hopefully, are an upgrade in quality over my previous pictures :D

mmmm raw chicken

i wanted to try taking an action shot.. but i set the aperture too wide :[ oh well next time!

seasoned raw chicken omnomnom

presto! done chicken :]

mm 2 sticks of butter went into the pesto. The recipe actually called for four, but we subbed in a cup of water instead.

and the complete meal, with orange juice! yummm <3

I made baked salmon two days ago with S., the pictures will be coming soon, once i edit them all! yayy
I'm so glad that I'm using my camera more :D and learning how to edit properly too! I hope this trend continues :D

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david t chen said...

hey good stuff, thanks for reminding me i miss pesto. haven't had it for a while since covel 2 years back. i have a great idea, u should come over while its still summer time and we'll find and cook up an awesome gourmet meal together.